To Be the One incorporates a unique, innovative and proven interactive program that is specifically designed for 7th-12th grade students as their core presentation. We have other programs available, as well as being able to design a program just for you.

To Be the One acknowledges the many challenges school administrators, teachers, staff, and students face every day. Our program addresses many of the important topics that have affected every secondary school in this country. Bullying, suicide/suicidal ideations, addictions, self-harming behaviors, peer-pressure, self-esteem, racism, pressures to conform, pressures to succeed, respect, and relationships are just some of the topics our facilitators address.

The To Be the One program puts teens and adults on the same playing field. The experience leaves teens and adults with a better understanding of one another, but more so, leaves teens with a better understanding of other teens, particularly those from differing backgrounds and peer groups. Our program has successfully shown that young people can be reached and changed…even in a one-day, six-hour program. We believe part of the success of the To Be the One program is the follow up plan that we encourage all schools to implement. When a school continues the To Be the One message throughout the school year, participants are reminded to keep making a difference and, as Gandhi said, “…be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We invite you to view our promo video on this page. We look forward to speaking with you about how the To Be the One program will benefit your school and how we can personalize our program to maximize the impact it will have for everyone who participates.

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Bullying, Suicide, Addiction, Violence, Judging, Peer Pressure...Our proven track record helps students with every day problems that exist in our schools today, such as these and MORE. We have developed and refined a six hour program that allows the students to discuss these life problems in a safe, open, and honest way. Our program focuses the attention on the students and allows them to become "REAL" with not only themselves, but with other people as well and shows them that it is "OK" to discuss such problems in an open forum. We find that the Adult Participants are profoundly affected as well, which only goes to strengthen the bond they have with the teens that are also participating.
To make a difference.  To change the world around you.
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​​          In Loving Memory
​        Douglas C. Rollins
          Facilitator for To Be the One

    Because of his passion for young people and his desire that they make positive,
​healthy choices, a Memorial Fund has been established in his name.

​ All donations in check form can be made to: ​
            c/o T​he Douglas C. Rollins Memorial Fund          
​​​    ​                                                          OSEF Credit Union,  1 Ocean Spray Dr., Lakeville
​                                                             All proceeds will go to furthering the mission of To Be the One by offering 
                                                         ​​scholarships to schools and individuals that exemplify ​Doug's passion in wanting
​                                                      to make a ​difference in  the lives of young people.


                                                         "Dougie Fresh"​​ - Gone, but NEVER Forgotten        10/ 6/ 87- 2/ 1/ 14​​

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Are you going "2Bthe1" to get us to come to your school during the 2014-2015 school year? Be the cog in the wheel to make it happen.