Our mission at To Be the One is to inspire and help young people lead a safe and mentally strong life, especially in their school years. As these young people develop a better sense of self, it allows that attitude to spread to the other people around them, creating a change for a better world.

Our vision at To Be The One is to inspire all people to be the one to make a difference and to be the one to change the world around you. We are dedicated to young people and the students of our schools. We instill in them the confidence that whatever they face on a day to day basis, whatever challenge, adversity or problem that comes their way, they will persevere and become stronger. Our vision is for them to keep that mentality going as they breach into adulthood, thus, becoming better adults.

Our Core Values at To Be the One are varied and many.  We encourage people to be Authentic,  Have Personal Integrity, Embrace Healthy Relationships, Define Success for themselves, Seek Peace, Happiness, Justice, Joy, Love, Family, Truth and Wisdom.

To make a difference.  To change the world around you.