To Be the One started as a desire to help teenagers realize the potential they have within themselves. Too often, teens are put into a box and labeled. Then they spend the rest of their time either fighting to break free from the label or condensing themselves into that label, "because everyone thinks that is who I am anyways, so it might as well be me."

To Be the One encourages people to be themselves and to inspire others to do the same and more! We know that many teens have a tougher time growing up today, then their parents did when they were teenagers. Bullying, drugs, alcohol, self-esteem, suicide, friendships, family, jobs, pressures to succeed, peer pressure, relationships...whether it is a positive or negative affect on a young person's life, our teens have a lot on their plate.

Shae had a vision of a program where youth  could actually be heard and feel validated.  With much encouragement, she created To Be the One and it is her dream to make To Be the One one of the most inventive, fun, unique, thought-provoking programs for teens, out there!

To make a difference.       To change the world around you.