​​                                To Be the One Programs Offered                                 

We invite you to look over the many different programs we offer and please connect with us so we can find a way to bring To Be the One to you!

 * To  Be the One  - this is the program that started it all!  Our original program that is showcased in our promo video and is in high demand from middle and high schools from all over.  It is fun, unique, innovative and effective. 

Faith-based To Be the One - appropriate for youth groups, private/parochial or            Christian  schools, youth retreats, camps or any faith-based organization.  We work       with you to design an appropriate program based on your group.  If you are looking for something new, to reach your youth and challenge them like they've never been challenged before...bring To Be the One in to your group, today!

Senior Sentiment - specifically designed to implement with a graduating senior            class in mind.  A great program  to gift the senior class with in helping celebrate and    inspire them, as they move on  from high school and face life like in the real world.

* To Be the One Adults - this program can resonate strongly with adults; whether              college-aged, corporate or specific interest groups, (i.e. Women's Clubs, Greek            Societies, social groups, 12-Step programs, corporate businesses, detention facilities,   etc.) we have seen  many adults be changed from participating.  Excellent, unique,    team building strategies can be incorporated to make your event something they will likely never forget.

* Guest Speaker/ Keynote Speaker - Our facilitators are available for speaking,               whether it is in the classroom, a conference, meetings, 12- Step-type meetings,            
retreats, detention facilities or corporate affairs.  Please contact us, for more                    information.

* Individually Designed Program- We will work with you to craft a program designed to fit your specific needs.  Please contact us, for more information.  

                              Be the One Program Cost Overview                             

The To Be the One Day youth program is $1,800 per day, plus travel expenses, if applicable. That breaks down to $18.00 per student for a full 6-hour day. There are some nationally-based, similar programs that cost upwards of $3,300 per day, plus extravagant travel expenses. We do offer multi-booking discounts.  Please contact us with any inquiries or questions.  We do not want finances to ever be the reason To Be the One does not come to your school. 

​​We have some unique, simple, yet effective fund-raising ideas to share with you and we find parents to be a huge help in this area. Let's connect to make this happen!

​​​​          We will work with you to keep us affordable for your school.        

Included in Program Cost:

* Pre-program coaching

* One six-hour program for a maximum of 100 youth and a minimum  of 20 Adult Participants

* Two trained Program Leaders

* Unlimited phone & email consultation

* Post-program follow-up, with support in starting an after-school  To Be the One club, to continue the success of the program  throughout the year.

Travel Expense Estimates - Local to Middleboro, Massachusetts. Estimates are the additional costs for schools or organizations that are more than a one hour drive from Middleboro, Massachusetts. Transportation – For any school that is over 75 miles from Middleboro, Massachusetts, a rental car/SUV may be required.
Mileage - Required for any school that is over 25 miles from Middleboro, Massachusetts.

    Mileage expense reimbursement is based on the IRS standard rate for 2015 of $0.575/mile.

 To make a difference.   To change the world around you.